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About Us

Our mission is to bring compliance into the 21st century. We develop tools to meet laws and guidelines with a focus on simplicity and security.

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Our Story

A lawyer, a developer, and a manager met. Talking about regulations and new laws, we stayed on theme: whistleblowing. Each of us has been affected by misconduct and the potential solution was fascinating to us. We left the party early and that very evening, the first draft of an application that would help both companies and employees was born.

Where there is regulation, that's where we help

Our approach is simple. Whenever there is a new law that companies have to respond to, we are available to them. We transform complex bureaucratic processes into simple applications that anyone can use.

Our work

We combine law and IT. We develop applications in React with a strong focus on cybersecurity.


A small team. Big heart.

Our goal is to provide first class care

Albert Kralik
Albert Kralik
Martin Kolesnac
Martin Kolesnac
Vladimir Horacek
Vladimir Horacek
Head of Sales
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We are trusted by startups and corporations

We work for small and large, anywhere in the world. We have a base in the heart of Prague. So let's meet.


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