Whistleblowing law solution

Resolve legal obligations in a few clicks

Simple implementation helps you master whistleblowing within seconds. With us, you will comply with the law anywhere

Easy implementation

SafeTalk guides you through a simple implementation and generates a link.

Publishing the link

You publish a link on your website that leads directly to the SafeTalk reporting system.


Guidelines and manuals for investigators are available

Technical support

We help you throughout the entire cooperation with 24/7 technical support.

Chat with whistleblower and reach the details

All mandatory reporting channels are connected directly to SafeTalk. This way, all reports are monitored, archived and guaranteed anonymous.

Secure form

Telephone line

Email messages

Written reports

Chat with whistleblower

Customize SafeTalk to suit you

Add or edit your texts and questions to the notifiers. Find out the details of the announcement at the very beginning. We make communication discreet and allow employees to share everything they have to say.

Anonymous questionnaires
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