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Whistleblower protection simply and economically

We will help you comply with the whistleblower protection law, which concerns all companies with over 50 employees. Communicate with employees securely and meet the legislation with just a few clicks.

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SafeTalk reporting system
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We help employees and students feel safe

A reliable reporting system is a benefit for your company and its employees.

  • Increasing employee confidence

    Benefit for all employees, who can save you millions. Employees trust the SafeTalk system and consider it an employee benefit in a fair company.

  • ESG in companies

    The new sustainability directive puts reporting systems at the forefront in the fight against corruption. By implementing SafeTalk, you will get a better score for the final ESG report.

  • Meeting cybersecurity requirements

    Thanks to virus protection and high security, you can also meet the requirements of the NIS2 directive with us.



How does SafeTalk work?

In a word - simply. Without the intervention of your IT, you can comply with legislation in a few clicks

Sending a report


Resolving a report

The resolver will assess the report and conduct an internal investigation. SafeTalk provides tools to always ensure compliance with the law.

Subsequent communication

The solver and the reporter communicate safely and anonymously. Thanks to communication, the solver gets all the details for the right solution.

SafeTalk report resolution
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Why resolve whistleblowing with us?

Working with new regulations and laws can be challenging. Thanks to the web application SafeTalk, you can cover all whistleblowing obligations and protect the reputation of both the company and management.

  • Early detection of the problem
  • 100% compliance with the law
  • 24/7 support
  • Protection against viruses
  • Simple administration
  • No installation on computers
  • Rated 5 stars by our customers

    Our customers love the simple control and clever features. Join them and master whistleblowing with just a few clicks.

    I handle the introduction and management of reports entirely by myself. And when I'm not sure, I use the 24/7 support directly in the application.

    Iveta Pavlíčková

    HR at Oxalis

    Of all the systems I have seen, I have chosen SafeTalk. Intuitive control in accordance with all laws, plus top-notch security.

    Vladimír Kurka

    Majitel VINIUM

    The ideal application for managing our clients' compliance. The application has also won me over with its attention to every detail of the law.

    JUDr. Ing. Miroslav Madej

    Advokátní kancelář Madej & Partners

    SafeTalk Breno
    SafeTalk Dallmayr
    SafeTalk Richter Frenzel
    SafeTalk Oxalis
    SafeTalk HUDY
    SafeTalk Synthon


    Customer satisfaction from all over the world

    Top-notch security for our clients

    Get the highest level of security for the entire duration of your cooperation. Meet NIS2 requirements and avoid reputational damage.

    More about security

    *Maximální zabezpečení platí pro tarify PREMIUM a ENTERPRISE po celou dobu trvání smlouvy.


    Follow the news from the world of whistleblowing

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    Do what you do best. We'll take care of compliance.

    Do what you do best. We'll take care of compliance.


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    24/7 technical support for researchers directly in the application


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