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A security shield for your data

Every received message is sensitive, and that is why we approach it responsibly. The foundation of SafeTalk is end-to-end encryption, which ensures maximum data protection.

SafeTalk Security
Antivirus file scanning

Ability to export data for transfer or offline storage

Protection against phishing

Ability to export data for transfer or offline storage


Restrict access to bots downloading contacts and prevent spam and phishing campaigns


Users can enable enhanced protection in the system in the form of two-factor authentication


Protecting you and your employees

With the strict requirements of the Cybersecurity Directive, we ensure high data security in the application.

  • Compliance with NIS2
  • Better ESG score
  • Advanced encryption
  • GDPR Friendly
  • Servers are protected by 4 security layers

    In addition to fences, security, and monitoring, AWS servers offer additional layers of security. Servers are protected by a backup, HVAC system, or by the choice of where they are built. The location of the servers is carefully chosen to reduce the risk of natural effects such as flooding or earthquakes.

    Amazon datacentra SafeTalk

    SafeTalk helps us meet strict security standards. Thanks to a detailed knowledge of their encryption methods and data management, we protect our reputation and integrity towards clients and their employees.

    Center for Personal Data Protection

    Czech Republic

    Security on the wave of E2E end-to-end encryption

    Important to secure communication between you and the notifier. We encrypt all sensitive data so that only the designated user has access.

    SafeTalk E2E encryption

    Unlimited data management options


    We provide data archiving for the period of time specified by law.

    Data transfer

    If you have subsidiaries on different continents, we will ensure compliance with data retention in those countries.


    Do you want to transfer the data or arrange migration elsewhere? We can help you.

    Use SafeTalk and protect your data

    SafeTalk is developed under the supervision of lawyers to ensure compliance with laws throughout the EU and anywhere in the world.

    • Data protection for multinational corporations

      We dedicate datacentres anywhere in the world to meet compliance with legislation in each country.

    • GDPR compliance

      By working with leading data protection experts, we ensure our clients' perfect compliance with GDPR.

    • SafeTalk sees nothing

      Once you start the system, no one but you can see into it. Not even us.

    Protecting your data
    Martin Kolesnáč CTO

    "Safety is not just a sales word for us. We place the utmost importance on security and subject the application to penetration tests. Not only do we sleep soundly at night, but so do our clients."

    Ing. Martin Kolesnac

    CTO, SafeTalk


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